10 Must Have Joomla Extensions for 2015

10 Must Have Joomla Extensions for 2015

As a debut article to this Joomla website, what better way to start off than listing some of the most essential Joomla Extensions for 2015! Here is a reasonably comprehensive list


JCE Editor

A free Joomla editor that far extends the default Joomla plugins. It comes with unrivalled functionality and features, giving you the scope to set different options and limitations for different user types; allows you to insert PHP, Javascript, CSS, and iframe code into your articles; and generally makes it easy to upload content like you would a Microsoft Word document.

But as a Joomla web developer, the best thing about this component is that it makes it unbelievably straightforward for me to teach my clients how to update their website, and they rarely bother me once it’s gone live, and who doesn’t want that?

JCE Editor's control panel for Joomla



If you’re building an online shop, and looking for an effective and easy-to-use Joomla extension, look no further than Hikashop. Although the full version is a paid Joomla component (with a free version available with some of the features stripped out), Hikashop is much more functional and flexible than the unstable and ever-buggy Virtuemart.

I’m not going to start listing all of Hikashop’s features. It would take too long and I have things to do. What I will say is that Hikashop is an extremely versatile, yet easy-to-use, component; is easy to configure given a little patience (it features a lot of configuration options); and the support is prompt and swift.

Essentially, you’ll be getting an ecommerce extension with an amazing array of features, but at a cost of between €50-100 for the full version. You get what you pay for though, and you won’t be disappointed.

Hikashop basic options in Joomla


Sig Plus

An easy to use and highly functional and slick lightbox gallery for Joomla: you will have this installed and configured on your web page within minutes. It can be used as a module or placed within a Joomla article, and comes with a decent amount of features, although it could be argued that the layout options are somewhat limited. You can display your gallery thumbnails in a one row, scrolling gallery; or display them in simple, stackable blocks, with an unlimited amount of columns and rows.

Once installed, you just need to create an image folder within your Joomla directory, upload your gallery images into it, and then insert the folder name (separated by the {gallery}folder-name{/gallery} tag) inside your module or article, and you have a working lightbox gallery.

Example of gallery layout in SigPlus Joomla gallery


Universal Google Analytics Plugin

It’s a formality for all web developers to configure Analytics when taking a site live, and although it’s straightforward enough to do this manually by inserting the tracking code into the <head> tags, it’s always nice when a plugin comes along and save you a couple of valuable ‘web’ minutes.   

This is what this Google Analytics Plugin does. Paste the Web Property ID that Google Analytics provides into the plugin, and save. Job done.

Quick and easy Google Analytics setup for Joomla


Social Fancy Sliders

Probably the best social media extension available for Joomla. It comes equipped with configuration options for all the leading social media networks, but also gives you the configuration options to add your own. Just paste the links to your social media profiles and the module does the rest, sticking the social media logos to the side of your browser window. Place the cursor over one of them, and your recent activity will slide out into the web page. Very effective and configurable within a couple of minutes.

Social Media Sliders for Joomla


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