How to Stop JCE Editor Stripping my Markup Code when Saving

How to Stop JCE Editor Stripping my Markup Code when Saving

Just a quick and simple blog post here, but one that will clear up an issue many Joomla users are having with JCE Editor, probably Joomla’s most popular content editor.

Often you may want to insert certain scripts and codes into your article content, such as PHP, Javascript, CSS, IFrames, or embed code. But many Joomla developers are left frustrated when, after coding their script into the article and saving, the page reloads and the script has been stripped out of the article’s code.

This is one of the major issues Joomla users experience when using JCE with its default settings, but it’s an easy task to fix. By default, JCE removes pretty much all scripts apart from HTML.

To fix this, locate the editor’s options by going to Components > JCE Editor, and click on Editor Profiles. Then select the profile you would like to edit (in most cases this will be Default).

To allow Javascript, CSS, and PHP, click on the Editor Parameters tab and set their radio button options to YES. To allow IFrames, navigate to the Plugin Parameters tab, select Media Support, and change Allow IFrames to YES.

After this, just click save, and you will be able to freely insert your coding scripts into your Joomla articles without any juvenile behaviour from JCE.

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