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Cheap Website Hosting

We will give you very cheap hosting and even upload your website for you!

Web hosting can be expensive, especially if you’re paying a web company to host it for you. Usually, the web company will pay a third-party server to host your website, and then make a large profit by what they charge you to ‘host your website with them’.

In fact, many web companies manage to stay in the green simply through hosting fees. The way it works is simple: once your website is being hosted with them, the web company has very little to do other than send you an invoice every time your hosting is up for renewal. For every website that they host, the more profit they make.

It’s easy money for them, especially if they sense you’re naive about the situation, and then put up the price some more. Well, Joomla Shark wants to do something different…

Are you looking for a web host that is cheap but also reliable?

We take great care of our customers and want to expand our customer-base. Admittedly, we do use a third-party server, but we also have access to be able to keep the server up to scratch and keep the performance and security at the best possible level, preventing slow loading times and reducing the risk of your site getting hacked.

On top of that, our prices are exceptional and unbeatable, considering the service you are getting.

Do you Need Help Uploading your Website?

Not only will we give you an amazing deal on your web hosting, we will also install it onto the server for you! So you don’t have to do anything once you send us your website files! If you fill in the form below and send us your email or telephone number (optional), we will get in touch with you to organise everything. It’s not a big deal and there’s no additional charge for this.

What if I already Have a Web Host?

It’s no problem if you already have a web host and want to switch over. We understand: you’re probably fed up of being overcharged for your web hosting. Just fill in the form and specify that you’re currently hosting your site with another company or individual. Give us their contact details and we’ll sort the rest.

What’s the Catch?

We pay for a ‘shared’ server = We get hosting cheaper because we pay for a large amount of web space, which makes it cheaper to host individual websites. There are hosting packages available online for similar prices, but the performance and speed at which your website loads will depress you.

So, rather than buying an incompetent hosting package, or paying over the odds to a web company, get in touch and we’ll give you reliable hosting for an amazing price, and upload the website for you.

Fill in the form and we’ll get in touch and do all the work to get your website uploaded

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