Free Resources for Web Designers

Font Squirrel - Free Fonts for your Website or Designs

Font Squirrel is a fantastic tool for sourcing custom fonts to use in your website or personal designs. It searches the internet looking for free or paid fonts, and then presents them to you in their font directory.

Not only does Font Squirrel let you download the fonts for desktop use, it also offers a Webfont Generator that packages your chosen fonts ready for use on your website! You can even upload a font from your computer and it will generate a kit ready for you to use on your website.

It's easy to insert custom fonts into your website, especially with the aid of tools like Font Squirrel.

TinyPNG - A Tool for Image Compression

Optimising your website’s images plays an important role in improving your website’s loading speed. You can do this with Photoshop and other photo editing softwares, but many of these struggle to reduce the file sizes of PNG images.

With TinyPNG, you can easily reduce the file size of your JPEG and PNG images by more than 90%. But the best thing about TinyPNG is how quick and easy it is to optimise your images. All you need to do is drag your images into the website, and it will optimise them for in seconds ready for you to download them.

TinyPNG is a free tool that lets you easily optimise your website’s images in a matter of seconds.

PicJumbo - Quality, Free Stock Images

PicJumbo is an excellent tool for free stock images. When I stumbled upon this website that was offering free, professional photographs, I was skeptical and wondered what the catch was, but there wasn’t one.

The motto of ‘you get what you pay for’ is often the case with stock images. Good quality images usually cost money, and usually when you find a website claiming to offer free stock images, the quality is poor and the images look amateurish.

This isn’t the case with PicJumbo though. The images are of the highest standards and on par with Shutterstock and iStock. The images are free and you don’t even need to sign up. The only ‘sign up’ involved is if you want to sign up to PicJumbo’s newsletter, whereby they will email you some of their newest images every couple of days.

This website is definitely worth checking out if you’re trying to avoid the costs of expensive stock images, but also worth checking out just for the quality of the images.