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How to Reset your Joomla Administrator Password

Sometimes you can’t log in to your Joomla Administrator Panel (your website’s backend). This can happen for several reasons. Maybe your website got hacked and the users and passwords have been changed; maybe someone else was in control of the passwords and you are no longer in contact with them; or maybe you just forgot your password.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that you aren’t able to login to your Joomla backend and need to find a solution. The only solution is to reset your password.

In most cases of resetting the password, you would simply need to login to your Joomla backend and reset the password in the User Manager, but how do you do this if you can’t login to change it?

Web Design and Joomla: Mistakes of the Beginner

We all make mistakes. But looking back to the early days when starting out in web design and Joomla, it always makes me smile when I think of some of the ridiculous beginners mistakes I made!

Here I present a list of such mistakes. If you have any comments, or have anything you’d like to add to the list, please post your own comments and we will regularly update the list.

Hide Content after Login in Joomla

This might seem like an unusual thing to do, but think about it… if you have a large banner module on your website asking people to create an account, why would you want this to be visible to users who are already registered?

Obviously it’s ideal to hide the module from registered users, and set it to only display for non-registered users, but how do we do this?

At one point this required a bit of customisation in the backend, but since the release of Joomla 3 it’s been made a bit easier. We will explain how to do this in both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.

Creating a Template Override in Joomla

The need to edit core files is a common occurrence in Joomla when you need to make certain changes to the layout and output on your website. A standard example is the Joomla Article page, because, by default, the article’s title is a H2, and needs to be changed into a H1 for SEO purposes.

K2 Tags: The Benefits and How to Customise the K2 Tag Page

Tags in K2 are a useful tool when you have a large amount of categories and/or items. They are similar to K2 Categories, but with a slightly different purpose. This article looks at the benefits of using Tags in K2, but also how to use and customise the Tag pages.

Is Your Website Slow? 10 Tips to Improve the Speed of your Joomla Website

After the headache of spending the past day reducing my Joomla site’s page load time from 15 seconds to three seconds, I think it’s appropriate to discuss some techniques to show you how you can improve your page load time.

Inserting Custom Fonts into Your Website using @font-face

The introduction of CSS3 opened up a large amount of new features for web developers, one of which was the ability to upload custom fonts into your website using the @font-face declaration.

How to Stop JCE Editor Stripping my Markup Code when Saving

Just a quick and simple blog post here, but one that will clear up an issue many Joomla users are having with JCE Editor, probably Joomla’s most popular content editor.

10 Must Have Joomla Extensions for 2015

As a debut article to this Joomla website, what better way to start off than listing some of the most essential Joomla Extensions for 2015! Here is a reasonably comprehensive list