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Creating a Template Override in Joomla

The need to edit core files is a common occurrence in Joomla when you need to make certain changes to the layout and output on your website. A standard example is the Joomla Article page, because, by default, the article’s title is a H2, and needs to be changed into a H1 for SEO purposes.

K2 Tags: The Benefits and How to Customise the K2 Tag Page

Tags in K2 are a useful tool when you have a large amount of categories and/or items. They are similar to K2 Categories, but with a slightly different purpose. This article looks at the benefits of using Tags in K2, but also how to use and customise the Tag pages.

How to Stop JCE Editor Stripping my Markup Code when Saving

Just a quick and simple blog post here, but one that will clear up an issue many Joomla users are having with JCE Editor, probably Joomla’s most popular content editor.